Final Deliverables

Demo Video

A high-level consumer-facing video explaining the Pet2Vet service and features to pet owners.

Mobile Prototype for Owner Flows

Flows include: creating a shared note, corresponding and sharing data with the vet, completing a daily routine for a cat and a dog with different chronic health conditions, completing a routine with an alarm reminder, and completing a routine in an emergency situation.

A Selection of Visual Design

Flow includes: a daily routine for treating a dog with diabetes mellitus.

Desktop Prototype for Vet Flows

Flows include: adding new routines for two patients, viewing an alert, and writing a shared note.

Creating a new routine and viewing data:

Viewing an alert:

Writing a shared note:

Interaction Flows

Margot's note flow
Margot's routine flow
Nadine's resource flow
Nadine's routine flow
Nadine's late/emergency flow
Dr. Schneider's new routine flow
Dr. Schneider's data shared note flow